Agellus provides technology driven innovative solutions through subsidiary companies including Agellus Solutions, Discovery Blue, Agellus RES, and Agellus DTS. Today, we have a digital revolution best characterized by a fusion of technologies that are now making less distinct the boundaries between operational, digital, physical and environmental processes. Agellus is at the forefront of supporting asset owners enhance operational efficiency, reduce operational cost, mitigate business risks, and optimize business value

Business Units

Agellus Solutions

Agellus Solutions provides a comprehensive Tank Asset Integrity Management Solution – TankBOT 360. This innovative AST tank inspection solution combines the latest in AI robotic inspection technologies and data analytics.

Discovery Blue

Discovery Blue is an innovative technology driven technical service provider to the energy industry with a focus technology and service delivery innovations in the geotechnical and survey segments of the energy sector services industry.

DTS – Digital Technology Systems

Agellus DTS provides Digital Technology Solutions to digitize physical assets to improve target business outcomes such as minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency, and reducing risk.

Agellus RES

Agellus RES provides a portfolio of technical services for the development and maintenance of offshore wind farms supporting the high growth offshore renewable energy infrastructure market.


About Us

Agellus is a portfolio of technical services companies led by an experienced team of energy industry professionals with a strong passion for leveraging innovative technology products and solutions to address the energy industry challenges to the benefit of our clients. We are informed by global technology trends such as automation, remote access and controls, machine vision and learning, and digital twin technologies and how it applies to the energy industry. We focus on step change disruptive technology and innovation and integrate advance technologies in inertial positioning, 3D mapping, navigation, and inspection sensor technologies into aerial and submersible robotic systems coupled with software and cloud computing to achieve significant innovation for the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) segment of the energy industry.

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TankBOT 360 is an innovative Asset integrity management solution for Aboveground Storage Tanks. This holistic solution combines the latest in autonomous inspection robots, artificial intelligence, edge computing, digital twin, and data analytics to provide the most comprehensive Tank Integrity Solution in the petrochemical industry.

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Cutting Edge Technology


Agellus provides autonomous submersible, aerial, and crawler robots to support inspection activities in the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industry with a focus on safer, better, faster, and cheaper asset inspections.


To make sense of inspection data during campaigns, Agellus uses machine vision and machine learning models which form part of the robotic embedding systems for enhance defect detection with minimal human supervision.


To achieve true autonomy and a dynamic adaptive response to environmental factors and contraints, Agellus uses edge computing in its robotic platforms for efficient inspection campaigns optimizing resources and improving outcomes.


Agellus creates dynamic digital twins of physical assets that unlock otherwise hidden value by transforming data representation, analysis, and usage; enabling better integration and decision making across asset organizations.


Agellus leverages its innovative data analytics platform to provide descriptive and predictive models to drive data driven risk-based asset maintenance and intervention programs to optimize resource allocation and value creation.

Affiliate Companies and Strategic Partners

Agellus also executes work through a network of affiliate companies and strategic partners including