Agellus Tank Robotics provides a comprehensive Tank Asset Integrity Management Solution – TankBOT 360. This innovative solution integrates the latest in inertial positioning, inspection sensors, 3D vision with aerial and marine robotic platforms and a digital AI data platform for enhanced data analytics.

What we offer

Holistic Solution

A technology-enabled comprehensive robotic inspection service for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Value Proposition

Safer, Better, Faster, Cheaper, more efficient, and add value

Efficient Contracting

Single point of interface and responsibility. Lower engagement costs

Health & Safety

Removing people from hazardous environments

Time & Cost Efficient

Inspections completed in days and not weeks for much lower cost

Better Quality

More coverage area and better quality solution


In-service tank inspection compliant with industry standards

Continuous Monitoring

A continuous tank monitoring solution to mitigate risk and optimize the asset use

AI Edge Computing

Autonomous inspection vehicles using SLAM, machine vision, machine learning, and embedded systems

AI Data Platform

AI data platform with graph DB technology

Affiliate Companies and Strategic Partners

Agellus works with a network of affiliate companies and strategic partners.