TankBOT: Is an autonomous submersible modular in-service robotic cleaning and inspection solution designed to optimize tank inspection data acquisition and analysis to enhance the tank asset integrity.

The TankBOT 360 Solution

The TankBOT 360 Solution: Is an innovative data-driven Asset integrity management solution for Aboveground Storage Tanks. This holistic solution combines the latest in autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, edge computing, digital twin, and data analytics to provide the most comprehensive Tank Integrity Solution in the petrochemical industry, exceeding API 653 standards and industry best practices.

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The TankBOT 360 Approach

Tank Study

  • As-Condition Checklist
  • As-Built Review
  • Operations Review
  • Inspection History
  • Methodology Statement
  • Prelim. Project Plan

Onsite Tank Assessment

  • Internal Mapping
  • External Mapping
  • Sludge Profiling
  • Shell Structural Assessment
  • Shell Corrosion Mapping
  • VOC Monitoring

Tank Cleaning

  • Internal Mapping
  • Sludge Profiling
  • Floor Settlement
  • Floor Edge Settlement
  • VOC Monitoring

Tank Inspection

  • Floor Corrosion Mapping
  • Roof Seal Inspection
  • Shell Inspection
  • Internal Inspection
  • VOC Monitoring

Tank Analysis

  • Digital Twin
  • Fitness For Service
  • Structural Deformation
  • Data Trend analysis
  • Data Predictive Analysis
  • Repair Recommendations

Tank Monitoring

  • Sludge Profile
  • Product Profile
  • Product Leak Detection
  • Product Inventory
  • Tank VOC Monitoring

An Industry 4.0 Data Driven Tank Integrity Solution

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